- "Screaming Mountain”, gaze.space.desire, Copenhagen, Denmark.
- "Stand Piece #11", "Stand Piece #12", "Stand Piece #13”, Berlin, Germany.

- "The last straw", in "The Human Factor", performance program curated by Roi Vaara, ARS06, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland.
- "It comes as no surprise", Bastard Theatre Festival, Trondheim, Norway.
- "Fire (Flower, Kiss) walk with me", Art Parade, Copenhagen, Denmark.

- "Art Holes", Trace; Installaction Artspace, Cardiff, Wales.
- "Stand Piece #10", S:t Davids City Mall, Cardiff, Wales.

- "High Art Franktione", Scandinavian Performance Event, Performance Art in NRW – 2004, Machinenhaus Essen – Produktionsort der Künste, Germany.
- "Stand Piece #9", Essen, Germany.
- "Stand Piece #8", Drottninggatan, Stockholm, Sweden.
- "Down Up" and "400 meters Midnight Run in High Heeled", La-Bàs_Space Contention Performance Symposium, Gallery August/Nifca, Finland.

- "High Heel Sisters wank off and make power", Fylkingen 70 Years Anniversary Festival, Fylkingen New Music and Intermedia Art, Stockholm, Sweden
- "A united walk across a square" and “Peace Piece” performed at Sergels Torg in connection with the seminar "The artist as an activist" held at SAM, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
- "Stand Piece #7", Angel Station, London, U.K.

- ”Mix Master Piece”, "Peace Piece" and "Climbing Up Ladders Falling Down", in connection to "Artholes. High Heel Sisters", Gallery Lars Bohmann Projectroom, Stockholm, Sweden.
- "Stand Piece #2-6", performed at five different sites along the red tube line, Stockholm, Sweden.
- "Stand Piece #1", Munkegata, Trondheim, Norway.
- "Cut Piece", "Peace Piece", "Walk Piece" and "Dream Piece" in connection to ”Three pieces by High Heel Sisters at Blunk”, installation/video/performance, Gallery Blunk, Trondheim, Norway.

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