stand piece #11 #12 #13

#13, performance, 15 min, siegessäule, berlin (2007)

#11, performance, 15 min, potsdamer platz, berlin (2007)

#12, performance, 15 min, augsburger strasse, berlin (2007)

Johanna Rosenqvist writes about High Heel Sister’s “Stand Piece” in her text Thoughts on theory in practice or a new trinity in the patriarch.

“When the High Heel Sisters perform the “Stand Piece”, each Sister silently takes notes on the level of happiness in the surrounding environment, by means of counting little dogs, ladies with perms etcetera. It is a way to measure the immeasurable happiness, within the framework of positivistic science. Who will tell us what is important in life, what really counts? Since objective, measurable science has been a male prerogative, persistently excluding women and others not thought of as being able to distance themselves from the object studied, feminist historians of science have been giving this thought considerable attention. / / When the High Heel Sisters do their 15 minutes of standing in the Subway system, or whatever place they choose, it is a statement. What they do with their time is significant not only as a measurement of time past but also as a marker of history. They make the space into a significant place to spend time and thus mark it in the historical time line. So what if nothing comes out of it, if it does not make a difference? They will still stand side by side with their historical predecessors and their contemporary sisters. / / The three High Heel Sisters bring on the image of the (in this case) solid trinity of space, time and immobility.”

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