New Catalogue out NOW!

High Heel Sisters hereby wish to thank all of them we have collaborated with during the years 2002-2007. Thank you all!

A large part of High heel Sisters activity is documented in this catalogue. The catalogue consists of nine parts; Miscellaneous 2002-2003, Stand Piece, Never too Much, High Art Fraktione, Art Holes, The Last Straw, Screaming Mountain, Backstage and Miscellaneous 2003-2006. Also included are texts by Johanna Rosenqvist and Sanne Kofod Olsen plus contributions by Boris Nieslony, André Stitt, Roi Vaara and High Heel Sisters.

Documentation made by High Heel Sisters 2002-2007
© 2009 High Heel Sisters

Graphic design by Josefin Herolf
First edition of 500
ISBN: 978 91 85983 01 8
Published by Big Human Productions & High Heel Sisters: Malin Arnell, Line Skywalker Karlström, Anna Linder and Karianne Stensland
Supported by Längmanska kulturfonden

If you are interested in our collective works from the years 2002-2007 or the new publication please contact us through Anna Linder mail@annalinder.se

The four of us will continue our individual art practises and welcome you to get in touch with each of us via our emails:
Anna Linder mail@annalinder.se
Karianne Stensland kariannestensland@gmail.com
Line S Karlström lineskarlstrom@hotmail.com
Malin Arnell malin_arnell@hotmail.com

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